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Specialized Turbo is available in the US 0

The sales of the ebike of Specialized started recently – announced by electricbikereport.com.

specialized-turbo-e-bike-electric-bicycleIf you don’t know this bike read our former post about it. The top speed of the bike is 45 km/h. According to the manufacturer the bike has a 250W engine with a 342 Wh battery. Well, allow us to have some doubts, as this performance from such a small engine seems to be impossible.

You can purchase the bike for  6.000 USD.

Check out this new video:

How do you like it? 😉

Specialized Turbo test ride 0

The blogger of bikehugger.com tried the Specialized Turbo!


Specialized Turbo 0

Would you imagine before, that the whole bicycle community can become excited about an electric bicycle?