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EUROBIKE 2011 awards – technical goodies 2

I checked my photos after in one week after the fair, and there are some award winners I would like to write more detailed about.

Eurobike 2011 fair awards


Eurobike 2011 – the first day 0

EUROBIKE 2011 opened today in Friedrichshafen, Germany. We saw a lot – and I can tell you that e-bike are the most important product here. We can give you some highlights we saw.


Smart – is it really smart? 1

We saw news in the past weeks, that smart wants to get a nice segment from the 700.000 pieces big cake; that is the number of ebike sold in Europe last year. Will the innovative design expand the market of ebikes further?

The concept of 2010


Riese und Müller – ebikes with Hungarian heart 0

The team of RM will present a new series of ebike on the EUROBIKE 2011.

R+M 2011 BionX series