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The motorbike hunter 0

Do you have some spare battery and a good electric motor at home? You could also build this “motorbike hunter”…

DOY ebike (more…)

Russian low end ebike 1

We showed you earlier, that the Russians can build ebikes…


Trike electric upgrade kit 0

One of our customer was looking for an electric kit to upgrade his trike. Of course we helped him, but here you have a kit, which has been designed for this purpose!


Ladies can do it too! 1

How to make an ebike conversion in 3 minutes? Watch the video! 😉


Project MXUS – The package just landed! 0

We don’t need to purchase an ebike out of the box; we have the possibility to “electrise” our current bike with do-it-yourself kits! We will show you, how to do that!

What can be in the box?