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BMX rider tests the Smart ebike

Here you have another Smart promo video!

smart elektromos kerékpár BMX versenyzővel (more…)

Haibike eQ Racer review

This is a short review of the Haibike eQ Racer, which is in prototype phase.


Fully Charged Show reviews electric two-wheelers

Very interesting video for ebike beginners.


Smart trial

Smart will be slowly available… And we see more and more test report about it! 😉


Haibike went for skiing :)

Normally you would go downhill on that… 😉


Review of 5 S-pedelec ebike

The tv-station of Swiss tested 5 speed-pedelecs yesterday!

The winner is: Stromer Elite 75/100 points


Detailed review of 44 ebikes! shared its test results of 2012!


Stevens Carpo review

Review of the Stevens Carpo with Bosch engine.


Optibike 1100 review

The shows us an off-road beast…

The technical data of Optibike 1100 ebike are really impressive: 48V kmiddle motor, 1100W performance,  50 km/h top speed without pedaling,  range is over 70 km. The weight is 27-33 kg depending on the size of the battery.

The price starts from 10.000 USD, but the model shown by Pete is over 16.000 USD. (Just a side remark, for that money you can purchase 8 pieces of AGOGS Uphill … 😉 )