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New Bosch Nyon video

Bosch updated its webpage to show the new features of the new display.



Rumour: new Bosch display?

Bosch may show us a new cockpit on the Eurobike show…

Bosch_Nyon (more…)

Haibike factory tour

The blogger had the possibility to visit the factory of Haibike. He made some pictures about the assembly line of the Xduro series.


Ebike battery exploded

The lithium battery could be dangerous. Here you have an example for it.

bullit_01 (more…)

New ebike control unit from Ergon

Ergon announced a new ebike grip which was designed together with AEG – as we saw that at

ergon_rc10 markolat


Hyunday E4U – The rolling egg

We showed you the concept vehicle of Hyundai on our Facebook page earlier. But here you have a short video about it!

e4u-hyundai ebike (more…)

New TranzX middle motor

TranzX announced a new motor family on the Taipei Cycle Show.

TranzX_M25_Motor_01 (more…)

Practical accessory for Bosch batteries

If you ride your ebike during the wintertime, you may consider to get this cover to protect your battery.

Bosch_ebike_akku_01 (more…)

Gear Sensor for middle motors

We saw an interesting technical solution on a Czech webpage. They develop a gear sensor for middle motors.

gearsensor2 (more…)

We visited the official Bosch eBike training!

We are the biggest independent ebike dealer in Hungary. As we would like to give full service to our clients we visited Bosch to get insights to their ebike system!

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