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KTM fully with Panasonic engine

The KTM eLycan will get a new drive train – based on the information of

KTM_eLycan_P_01 (more…)

Fat ebike with gun holster

This American company sees the activity ebikes a little different as the others… 😉

defiant-bike-gun-rack (more…)

New BH ebikes for 2014

We visited BH in Spain to get know their new product range for 2014.

BH ebikes 2014


Scrooser – would you scruise with it?

Another interesting ebike which will come with crowdfunding.

scroozer_01 (more…)

AGOGS Cityliner Class electric bicycle

We just had our hands on the city pedelec of AGOGS in white color.

agogs_cityliner_elektromos_kerekpar (more…)

KTM Macina with 11 speed hub gears

We had our hands on the KTM Macina 29″ this week – and we made some photos for you!

ktm_macina_11_elektromos kerékpár (more…)

KTM Severo 8RT review

This is a short film from the German Velototal showing the bike of KTM with Panasonic middle motor.

KTM_amparo elektromos kerékpár


AGOGS Uphill 2013

We have our hands on the new AGOGS ebike with 48V engine. And here you have some photos about it.

AGOGS_Uphill_elektromos_kerékpár (more…)

KTM eStyle electric bike review

We tested one of the first KTM eStyle bikes…

KTM_eStyle_2013_elektromos kerékpár (more…)

Pedelec for egoists

Pedelec with fine leather accessories? The luxury arrived to this segment too…

egoist_01 sportpedelec (more…)