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eFlow went to Iceland

We will see a film premiere on the Eurobike too…


Race 6000 km with solar ebikes!

If you have two months free time this summer join this group and cycle from France to Kazakhstan! 😉

Napelemes ebike-on Kazahsztánba (more…)

With ebike in Africa!

Two Italian guy travelled 1500 km in Africa; of course with an electric bicycle! 😉

elektromos kerekpar tura Afrikaban (more…)

Special fleets of ebikes

We saw two announcements this week about ebikes with special tasks…


Rent a bike in Cyprus!

We traveled to Cyprus to check the penetration of the electric assisted bikes there. To keep it short; we didn’t find any…  (more…)

Holidays at your own pace – 600 km with ebike

The new international BerlinCopenhagen cycle route was announced end of March.


What a trip – 18000 km around Australia

I’m overawed by people with special capabilities. They are not different than we are, only their willpower and desperate desire for the challenges are stronger then ours…


Ebike tour in Nepal

Australian bikers went to the Himalaya to test their ebikes… Spectacular scenery, lots of bumps, climbs, bridges and water …. 😉




Ebike tour through India

This couple cycled 1600 km in India. Forget the guidebook, watch the video! 😉





Short tour at lake Velencei, Hungary

We were at the “rolling stones” of Hungary… 😉