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Knowledge base: Drive trains 4. (Ego kits)

Victory over the nature! The German manufacturer promises not less than invent the “uphill” bike! 😉

Ego kit


Knowledge base – Drive trains 3. (Falco e-Motors)

Let us show you an electric support drive, which is almost completely cable free!


Knowledge base – Drive trains 2. (vivax assist)

We presented in the last post the drive train method of the middle motor. Let’s continue with that; check out the “invisible” middle motor! 


Knowledge base – Drive trains 1. (Bosch)

In our former post we explained the basics of the ebikes. Let’s have a look of the most common used drivetrain this year, the Bosch system!

With Hungarian Heart!


Knowledge base – drive train basics

What kind of parts we have in ebikes? And how is it really working?

Ebike drive train from Shimano


Knowledge base – Batteries for e-bikes

Before you start to build an e-bike or purchase a complete bicycle the first thing you will see is the question of battery, because that is the one item, which will determinate the power and performance of your bike. I hope you will not run flat before you read this short summary… 😉


Knowledge base – Why e-bike?

„Ebike? C’mon… I have my own bike, and I can ride it myself, I don’t need fancy machines!”, „Motorized bike? Yeah, my grandpa has one, he is using in our village to go for shopping… But this is not for me! Only if I will be 70!” And the guy is sitting on the bike, and after 5 meters his face is all upon the grin, saying “this is cooooooooool!”.


Knowledge base – Pedelec history

Pedelec, e-bike, ZEV? What is this all about?

Pedelec motor