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Elektrofahrrad; die Tücke liegt im Detail

Die Gründe sich ein E-Bike zu kaufen sind vielfältig. (more…)

Ebike systems for 2014

We still have two weeks till the Eurobike show, but there are a lot of rumors on the market about the new engines. We summarize for you those information.



Ebike range calculator

Here you have a new webtool, which could help you to estimate the range you could ride with one battery charge.

BH_tura (more…)

EU voted for 250W pedelecs

European Parliament voted on the new type approval legislation on two- and three-wheel vehicles and quadricycles. The Parliament decided to keep the original European Commission proposal: only pedelecs with a maximum speed of 25 km/h and 250 watts power will remain exempt from motorbike regulation.

Elektromos kerékpárok teljesítménye (more…)

Knowledge base – Drive trains 10 (SRAM)

The well-known bike part manufacturer will jump into the electric bicycle business next year.

SRAM electric bicycle drive train (more…)

Knowledge base – Drive trains 9. (BionX)

The next item in our series is the Ferrari of the refurbishing kits! 🙂


Knowledge Base – Drive trains 8 (Ion)

The Ion system has been developed by the Dutch Accell Group. This holding has more bicycle manufacturers like Haibike, Winora, Hercules, Koga or Ghost.


Summary of the ebikes

Here is a good overview about the electric bikes from the USA:

You will see, that China sells 90% of the ebikes… 😉

Knowledge base – Drive trains 6. (EPB)

We saw a very interesting solution on a page of a Greek ebike shop!


Knowledge base: Drive trains 5. (E+ electric bikes)

What is this two huge disk on that drive? Did somebody invent the all-wheel-drive for bicycles? 😉