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Amazing foldable bike

Check out the video to see, how to fold a bike in one second!

IFMOVE összecsukható kerékpár


Folding wheels!

The biggest issue with the design of the foldable bikes is the wheel. Till today! 😉



Bike repairman in your pocket

The Bike Doctor smartphone application helps you to make basic repairs of your bike!

Bike Doctor applikáció


Contortionist foldable bike concept

We showed you a picture on our Facebook page you really liked. Here you have more details about it!



Bosch facebook champaign

Would you like to have an electric bicycle with Bosch engine? What about to get it free? 😉

Bosch facebook játék (more…)

Eurobike 2012 preview

The biggest European bicycle fair will start next week… And we will be there to inform you! 😉

Kerékpár szakkiállítás (more…)

Hands free kits for bicycle riders

We used to have it on motorbike tours, but would you use it on bicycle too?


Ebike alternative from Norway

Have you heard about the solution of Norway, which helps to defeat the hills…


Bicycle storage – weekend off

Stolen bike is the worst nightmare of all of us. Here you have two over-engineered solution to avoid it… 😉


Bike service variations

Two bicycle service variations from the USA with totally different approach! Respect for both! 🙂