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Backflip with an ebike

Would you like to have a little fun with your ebike?

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Flying electric bicycle

Revolutionary electric bicycle from Czech… And it really works! 🙂

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Magura eLect electronic suspension fork

The electric will come on all parts of the bike. But does it really help us?

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Loopwheels – Revolutionaly wheels

This Kickstarter project will redefine the bike wheels…

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Clever bike accesories

Those items have been presented on the Milan Design Week 2 weeks ago.

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Pedal-powered Popemobile

The Pope will get rid of the V8 6 liter Popemobile?

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Electric Bike Magazine V6

Here you have the new issue of Electric Bike Magazine!

LED light in crowdfunding project

The designers collect money on Kickstarter to be able to start the production.

steamlite_01 kerékpár lámpa


Biker protection system from Volvo

Volvo announced a new system to protect pedestrians and bike riders.

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Military technology in your bike helmet

Forget about your chest strap monitor. Here you have a heart rate sensor built into your helmet!

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