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BH ebikes in our shop!

We will extend our portfolio with the ebikes of the Spain manufacturer! 🙂


Powerbike test bikes arrived!

We received some boxes! 🙂

What is inside? 😉


Bringaexpo bike exhibition in Budapest

We will open the 2012 season on the biggest Hungarian bike fair called Bringaexpo!

That's how we will look like... 😉


Go Pedelec project, technical training

We spent the last two days in a training room. But that was a really exciting training! 😉


BIFS motor updated for 2012

We traveled to Powerbike in Austria to get information about the new products for this year from the first hand. If you like the technical news, read our post about the 2012 version of BIFS!


Visit at the showroom of Agogs

We were in Prague this week to introduce you the electric bikes of the Czech manufacturer.


AGOGS bicycles in our shop!

We are proud to announce, that the bikes of AGOGS (ekolo) are available at us!


Season greetings!

we are almost at the end of the year, so let’s review what happened this year!

Our company has been established this year to take a part of the boom of the electric assisted bicycles in Eastern Europe. We started with importing of refurbishing kits of MXUSPowerbikeFalco and Sunstar, and we sell as retailer the products of BionX and Vivax Assist.

We extended our range with the electric bicycles too, we sell the bikes of Powerbike, our own branding bicycles and we are proud to have the product of Haibike, Winora, Hercules and Riese und Müller in our portfolio.

We just built our service partner chain in Hungary and we are ready to roll out to the neighbor countries! Our philosophy “to centralize the customer service but be local available for the customers” seems to be working well. We just opened our two language webshop too, which is unique with the special filter/search functionality!

One of our target to propagate the electric bicycles in Eastern-Europe, as this is not well known here. For that reason we built up our facebook community in Hungarian and English language. We try to show the world of the ebikes on entertaining manner on this platform. The blog  – you just read –  has a stabil reader base now; more and more visitors come to us to get news / information related to the electric assisted bicycles.


I would like to thank your attention this year, and I hope you will be with us next year as well! 😉

Best regards,

Szatzger Ákos


New partner in our webshop!

We extend our electric assisted bike portfolio again! 🙂


The German company builds pedelecs since 2009. Their normal bicycles have perfect riding comfort due to the all wheel suspension. This combined with the electric support makes the bicycles a perfect choice.

We have the foldable Birdy and the comfort bike Avenue, but we will extend with the new Bosch bikes later on. (Click on the picture to jump to the shop.)

The bicycles are available for ordering, so if you have any question regarding to that let us know! 😉