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Haibike Trekking eQ 2013 ebike 0

We just passed this new bike to the happy owner. We made some photos, hopefully you are interested! ūüėČ

Haibike Trekking ebike (more…)

We visited the official Bosch eBike training! 1

We are the biggest independent ebike dealer in Hungary. As we would like to give full service to our clients we visited Bosch to get insights to their ebike system!

Bosch_motor_02 (more…)

Jack, the electric scooter 0

Dutch designers¬†came up with this solution for the problem of the “last mile”…

LEEV_Jack_elektromos_roller (more…)

Self healing wires 0

When we build ebikes sometimes we wish to have more hands to position the wires for the soldering. It seems, that this problem has been solved…



BH Neo Bluetooth kit for Android mobile phones 1

You can buy more kind of accessories for your BH Neo electric bicycle. We have our hands on the new BT device, which transforms your mobile to the control unit of your ebike.

BH_BT_ebike_vezerlo_01 (more…)

Surly Moonlander with custom BionX drive 0

You may remember Eric on his¬†trip¬†to the South Pole.. He didn’t know yet, that the Moonlander could be purchased with electric support too… ūüėČ

surly_moonlander_elektromos ker√©kp√°r (more…)

Gusto Orcinus – we all wait for 2020 0

You don’t need to search this bike in the shops for couple of years. The developers take their time, the estimated arrival of this model will be around 2020…

Gusto_Orcinus elektromos kerékpár_01


Bike repairman in your pocket 0

The Bike Doctor smartphone application helps you to make basic repairs of your bike!

Bike Doctor applikáció


M55 production equipment video 0

If you don’t know the M55 electric bicycle, check out our former posts about it!

m55_elektromos kerékpár


eCycle ebike design! 1

Check out this beautiful electric bicycle design!

ecycle_01_elektromos kerékpár