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M55 production equipment video

If you don’t know the M55 electric bicycle, check out our former posts about it!

m55_elektromos kerékpár


Another M55 ebike video

We really like the M55 superbike (as it has been developed in Hungary). They promote the bike as “the fastest ebike of the world”…

m55 elektromos kerékpár (more…)

M55 demo with a stunt rider!

The Hungarian Stunt bike champion shows us, how to ride the M55… 😉


M55 intro at BBC

Short introduction of the M55 superbike! 🙂


M55 post in Hungarian

There is good article in Hungarian language, which you may check, if you are interested in the Hungarian superbike M55!


M55: new pictures!

We received from the M55 guys new pictures! Click on the thumbnails to open the gallery! 🙂


M55 hybrid bike news!

I guess every ebike fan knows the Hungarian-developed electric bike M55!

The beasts... 😉


Best posts of 2012 – December

And here you have our last overview of the year!



New player on the ebike market of middle motors

What will be the result if an automotive supplier and a company selling electric engines will unite? Check out our pictures! 🙂

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