New BH ebikes for 2014

We visited BH in Spain to get know their new product range for 2014.

BH ebikes 2014

It was interesting to take part on the meeting as the smallest European BH distributor. Talking to the colleagues we heard some interesting stories. Did you know that the second biggest market for the Tesla electric sport cars is Norway? They sold more than 1000 pieces last year which is the half of the European volume. The reason behind is the strategy of the Norway government; to spread the electric vehicles they give a lot of benefit to the owners; like no VAT, no registration fee, free parking and charging of the cars. You can imagine that we have another circumstances in Hungary… 😉

The site in Spain is quite impressive. BH has huge showroom there, and they have the biggest automated warehouse system in Europe for bicycles. It’s capacity is 2000 bikes/day.


Let’s start with the product news. Unfortunatelly we can’t show you everything, as BH will introduce the new models at the Eurobike Show end of August.


Almost all of the old models will remain for 2014. The bikes using the current battery will get the “Lite” word in their description. The high end models will get the new 11,6 Ah battery. Of course the price of the bike will be increased with that.

Among the new products there are the Neo 650B (with 27,5″ wheels) and the Neo Jet with ladies frame.


BH_Neo_JetThe Jumper will get bigger wheels. Our personal opinion is that this is the nicest bicycle in the NEO range.


The Nitro was introduced a few months ago, and according to the distributors, this is one of the best models of BH. It will be continued without change for 2014.


The EVO serie is a brand new development, which will give us 6 different city/trekking bike. The speciality is the thin battery; it’s really hard to notice, that those bikes are with electric support. We can’t show you the models yet, but here you have a former picture, which is not 100% identically the new bike shape, but you can see the direction:


They will be real city bikes with various frames and accessories, and of course with the powerful motor of the NEO serie. The price will be above the NEO bikes.

BH Xenion

The Xenion family with Bosch motor has a new member, the Race Plus. It will get the current Bosch motor.


By the way:  Bosch will come out with new systems for MY 2014. One of them will get an incredible control system… More about that after the Eurobike! 😉

BMW electric bicycle

Yes, we saw it! 🙂 This will be equipped with the 2014 version of the Bosch engine.  It looks amazing! BH with BMW put a lot of energy to develop the bike. Here you can see our former post about it – but we have to tell that the bike looks far better than on this picture!

Smart accessories

The Neo and EVO family will optionally get the new Bluetooth mobile interface. The software will run on iPhone and Android and it will deliver what we were waiting for long time: it will give you full navigation, bike control, and as input you can use Garmin products, like heart monitor and cadence sensor. It will have a charging port for the smartphone, so you will not run out of the battery.

Small highlight about the user interface:


We are really enthusiastic about the new model range! We think it will be very successful.

Which bike do you like the most?