We visited the official Bosch eBike training!

We are the biggest independent ebike dealer in Hungary. As we would like to give full service to our clients we visited Bosch to get insights to their ebike system!

Bosch_motor_02Before we jump into the details, let me share my compliment towards to Bosch. We had seen more powerful ebike systems, better user interfaces and more fancy solutions from other manufacturers, but we missed the overall concept that Bosch has. They invest money and energy to educate their dealers. They take the customer feedback,  analyse the complaints (they have!) and use this knowledge to develop the product for the next MY, which completely different as the last one. And they still think about to have backwards compatibility with the old system, so the users who bought the earlier bikes can have benefit from the new product.  Bosch is an automotive brand, and they have a very different approach than the bike manufacturers.

So they take the dealers and train them. We are talking about couple of 10.000 shop owners and repairmen. Bosch has a simply approach. If the bike shops don’t participate on the training, they will have difficulties to serve the customer, as they will not be able to manage the warranty handling.

The training was very interesting and still practical.



Here you have some information you may not know yet:

  • This small motor comes from Audi A3 power steering. This takes a very little space from the motor housing. The rest of the parts was built inside to make sure, that the motor runs on optimal rev, which automatically means better consumption, so you can use the same battery energy for longer support.
Bosch ebike motor

Motor: it’s not bigger than a mobile phone

  • The sensors measure the parameters every 0,01 seconds. It may seem an over engineered solution, but this is the only way to guarantee the perfect human-machine harmony

The torque sensor is in the middle

  • The system is backwards compatible. It means that you can change the display of your 2011/12 bike for the new, ergonomic one. You can use the bigger battery or the lighter fan-less battery charger with your old system.
  • The 2013 system can feed bike lights directly from the battery (legally not available in all countries). The dealer can activate the port for it, and assemble the special lamp. You should be not afraid to stay without lamps after the battery run flat. The system can feed the lamps for 90 minutes with a reserve of the battery.
  • The battery is also special. The BMS has a very low consumption, so the battery will not get damaged even if you don’t charge it for one year. The cells are from Samsung. The special BMS makes sure that the lifetime of the battery is about 1000 charging cycle. The charger was also improved, it charges the battery in 2,5 hours completely.
Ez a BMS (Battery Management System) áramköri lapja

This is the PCB of the BMS (Battery Management System)


Játszótér ebike szerelőknek...

Playground for  ebike lovers…

  • The repair process is also special. There is no discussion about the failures any more. The dealer takes the laptop, read the failure codes. The system prints a long lists of all parameters. From that you can easily see the condition of all components. If you want to sell your bike, you just need to visit the dealer and ask for a report that you can show to the new owner.

There is some development in the diagnostic too. The big blue box is the last year model. The USB stick in the laptop is the new one… 🙂

  • We asked for the most common failures too. And they told us… Here you can see one of the most possible failures, a loose gear…
Leggyakoribb hibaok: rosszul meghúzott fogaskerék...

Left side the original one, right side the damaged lid…

  • ebike tuning: we have to tell you it makes no sense to even think about it. If you need more power, buy one of the s-pedelec bikes. If that is still not enough buy the eMotor of KTM! :p


We hope you like our overview. Please share this with your friends! Thanks! 😉