Gusto Orcinus – we all wait for 2020

You don’t need to search this bike in the shops for couple of years. The developers take their time, the estimated arrival of this model will be around 2020…

Gusto_Orcinus elektromos kerékpár_01

The drive train is simply: CVT hub shifter, Vivax Assist invisible middle motor and Gates belt… Sounds good! 🙂

The frame of the bikes is made form carbon. As the bicycle was designed for urban transportation, the frame is foldable.

Gusto_Orcinus elektromos kerékpár_02

We can’t miss our smartphone docking station! 😉

Gusto_Orcinus elektromos kerékpár_03

As you can see on this detailed list, there are a lot of smart function built in:

Gusto_Orcinus elektromos kerékpár_04

How do you like it?