Utility ebike from the USA: Juiced Riders ODK

The American Juiced Riders shows a new utility electric bicycle.

odk2_elektromos kerekparWe need a strong drive train for an utility bicycle. This bike has a 500W front wheel drive with a 48V 15Ah – 720Wh lithium battery, which should be enough for this power-hungry user mode.

The performance of the bicycle is also outstanding; you can travel with 30 km/h top speed for 60 km long with the using the engine power only. If you use your pedals, the range with one battery charge will be extended to 80 km. The bike weighs 32 kgs, which is fair enough, but it can move a cargo of 150 kg!

You can choose from different accessories. This is my favorite:


The bike will be available from the end of this year, and the price will be 2000 USD, which is not bad for that technique.

How do you like it? 😉