Another ebike without chain

The German MIFA announced a chainless electric bicycle.

MIFA X-PESA elektromos kerékpár oldalrólThe bike has been built with a cooperation of the bike manufacturer, an institute and a high school  If you don’t know MIFA; this company is one of the biggest bicycle manufacturer of Germany; they produce yearly 650.000 bikes. They jumped into the electric bike industry with the purchase of  Grace (the contract manufacturer of the Smart).

x-pesa-elektromos kerékpár-generátor

As you can see on the picture, the bicycle has neither chain nor gears.  You can see a generator instead of the crankset, which creates electricity during pedaling. The bike has a rear hub motor for drive. You can see more information about this special bike here.

You can’t see a display on the handlebar, but you can use your mobile phone to control the bike.

x-pesa-elektromos kerékpár-kijelző

This is not the first bike we showed you with this drive train. The foldable Mando Footlose and the beast PG Bikes Blacktrail 2 has the same kind of driving system, so we can say, this is a new trend of the electric bike manufacturers.

How do you like it? 😉