New ebike for the HRT F1 team

You may remember of our earlier post about the sponsor cooperation between Yamimoto and the HRT F1 team. We show you the bike…

HRT yamimoto elektromos kerékpár oldalrólWe even allow us to make some remark, that the team will be faster with the electric bike than the F1 race car… :p

Well, Yamimoto announced the bike and we are a little bit frustrated, as the bicycle is not a super-sexy speed bike, but a foldable electric bicycle. We know this is the best way to move in the paddock, but we expected something like the bike of Audi… This bike has hidden battery and hidraulic brakes – nice outfit. (I have some deja vu with our Agogs Elfin, but this should be only coincidence…. :p ).

The bike was announced last week. There was some nice forms to see… 😉

HRT yamimoto elektromos kerékpár

Check out the video too and practice your Spanish!  🙂