Born to be wild – Voltage Cycles

Check out the customs ebikes from the US! 🙂

voltage cycle elektromos kerékpárWe show you how Americans imagine their unique electric bicycles!

This company of course builds traditional bikes as well, but we are rather interested in the electric models.

Voltage Cycles Green Machine elektromos kerékpár

Voltage Cycles Green Machine: 1000W, 4350 USD

Voltage Cycle Golden Ticket elektromos kerékpár

Voltage Cycle Golden Ticket: 1000W, 4475 USD

voltage cycles elektromos kerékpár

Do you prefer this color? 😉

Voltage Cycle: Electric Sport Complete

Voltage Cycle: Electric Sport Complete, 600W for 3500 USD

It is an American habit that the bikes are equipped with throttle lever in order to help the rider at cruising. The 48V 13Ah battery serves enough power to get rid of pedaling… 😉

If you would build your own bike you may buy a frame kit which contains the engine, the battery and the controller as well for 2800 USD.

I’m not really fan of this style I’m rather like the practical solutions, but I have to admit that the shape of the bicycle is really nice. Check our video:

And you can find some pictures here! What is your opinion? Have you caught the Born to be wild feeling? 😉