eFlow ebike goes to the USA

We saw this bike frame among the winners of the Taipei Cycle Show earlier this year, and we have the next announcement about starting the sales of the bike in the US.

eFlow elektromos kerékpárYou may saw this frame earlier, as this is used by the Stöckli e.t. from Swiss too. This bike is not assembled with the Go Swiss Drive pedelec drive, but with the 32 km/h top speed rear wheel drive, which is legally allowed in the USA.

flow elektromos kerékpár oldalról

The bicycle produced by the Fairly Bikes in Taiwan, which is more than 30 years OEM supplier on the bike market. The bicycle got their own drive. The engine is a powerfull 500W motor, of course with torque sensor, energized by the 36V 11Ah battery in the seatpost. As it usual in America, you can accelerate the bike via the throttle lever too. Sales will start next year for 4000 USD.

Check out the webpage of the bike! 🙂

And here you have a video too:

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