City roller – Flebi V2.0

After the unpacking we looked at each others – what a hell is that? 😉

Flebi_kicsomagolasWe received the Flebi foldable ebike. And of course we didn’t have enough patience; we tried it immediately… 🙂

Flebi elektromos kerékpár doboz

This bike is really small. It has 14″ wheel in front and 16″ rear, the whole bike weights just 10 kg. As we used to ride electric assisted bicycles, which are 20-25 kgs, and it’s really a funny feeling to move with this. You can forget the shift changes, as the bike has single speed. You can find just one brake lever, which brakes the rear wheel, but there is an electrical brake on the front wheel with the motor attached – so you have a controlled, ABS-like brake on the front wheel.  😉

The drive is not usual at all:

Flebi elektomos kerékpár motor

As you can see on the picture the motor rotates the front wheel with a gear wheel. The small engine has limited power, but it’s enough to move a normal person with 20 km/h speed – just with it’s electrical power. 😉

As we opened the box, we had long discussion how to turn on the engine, as we didn’t see the usual buttons. We tell you the secret; if you start pedaling the pedelec mode turns on automatically. With the help of the silicon key you can operate the two speed ebike mode.

Flebi ebike kapcsoló

The same key is used to turn on the front lamps – just check out the video bellow. You can monitor the status of the battery on the handle bar.

Flebi elektromos kerékpár

And couple of words of the technical details: range with one charge is 25-30 km, top speed  20 km/h, charge time 2-3 hours. The energy cost of one km is 0,2 euro-cent based on our calculator

If you like the videos:

How to fold it:

And the technical data:

If you need more details, check out the bike on our webshop! 🙂