Faraday Porteur

Kickstarter founded another successful project with the help of fans.

Faraday Porteur electric bicycle

We still have two weeks before the project closing, but it already collected 30% more money the company needs to bring this unique, retro styled electric bicycle on the market early 2013.

The highlights of the bikes are not only the clean design; you will get hidden battery, special cargo rack, LED lights and Brooks sattle… The engine is the usual 250W front wheel drive with 110Wh battery, which is enough to have 25-30 km trip with one charge. To compensate the low range you will get two chargers (one for home and the another for your office), which will juice up your bike within an hour!

Faraday Porteur electric bicycle rear lights

The bike has 7 gears hub shifter, the weight is 17 kg, which is not bad at all in case of this kind of electric bicycles. If the founding of the project reach the 300.000 USD, the company will develop a mobile phone interface to maintain the bicycle parameters right from your mobile on the handlebar.

Check out the intro of the bike:

The bicycle will be sold for 3800 USD next year, when it will come to the market. We are sure that the unique design will help the company to start successful business.

Check out the project and the company webpage too! 🙂