New middle motor of AEG

We will try this on the Eurobike fair end of August! 😉

AEG elektromos kerékpár tárcsa motorAEG wants to have a part of the revolution of the electric assisted bicycle. They will show two new drive train solution, a compact rear motor, which is smaller than the ones from the current market. The second is a “disc” motor you can see on the picture.

You don’t need to modify the frame of the bike to install the motor, you only need to change the crank, to have electric support on your bike. In opposite of Bosch, this system could be refurbished on your current bike. The engine is completely noiseless.

We can see a landing page on their webpage without any details, but we are pretty sure, that we will get all the technical details on the Eurobike fair. We will test the engine there, and let you know our opinion! 😉