PG Bikes BlackBock 2

PG-Bikes comes out with another breath-taking ebike! 🙂

If you check the picture of the BlackBlock-2 carefully, you will see immediately its specialty; the bike has all-wheel-drive electric support! 😉

The battery of 36V 486Wh with Lithium cells feeds the two motors on both wheels. The engine comes from the German company called Heinzmann. You can purchase the bicycle as normal pedelec with 250W, but you have the option to buy the so called speedpedelec with 1000W performance and the top speed of 45 km/h.

The direct engines are able to do regenerative braking; the control of the engine power can be done via thumb throttle or via pedelec sensor with torque measurement. The premium customers will have some nice features too: engine can be controlled via smartphone; the seat is real leather; the frame has been build by hand and the bike has a very nice LED light at the back…

If you want this beauty you have to pay 6000€ for it. Would you try it? 😉

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