Special fleets of ebikes

We saw two announcements this week about ebikes with special tasks…

Well, you see it right; the policeman in Hamburg, Germany rides Haibike eQ Trekking… They have a very nice fleet, although some German ebike forum members make some jokes, if the top speed of 25 km/h is enough for hunting the bad guys… 😉

Our second news is about touristic assignment, the boat Aida has been equipped with an ebike fleet:

You can choose now ebike excursions during your boat-holiday. You can find tours even with  400-700 meter elevation or 90 km long!

The technical base of the bikes is the Göricke Capri 5.0 bicycle, only the color is different to match the color of the ship. The guests really enjoy this:

Would you try it too? 😉