Changes of the batteries in our shop

You asked us to bring back the cheaper batteries for our refurbishing kits. Well, we made one more step to cut your cost down! 🙂

New battery with SAMSUNG cells

We offered our MXUS refurbishing kits with Li-Ion batteries Chinese cells to keep your investment low last year. To increase the lifetime and reliability of our sets we switched to Panasonic cells from April onwards, but those batteries have not only high quality but high prices too…

Panasonic cells for longer lifetime!

From now onwards we offer 24V and 36V batteries with Samsung cells too, and with that we decrease our prices drastically. In case of MXUS this is 90€, but some Powerbike kits will be 140€ cheaper! 🙂

The reliability and the lifetime is almost the same as the one with Japanese cells; the manufacturer guarantees 600 full cycle, which is enough to ride 35.000 km! We have local battery service, so we will have wide variety of repair service to serve our customers.

We updated our webshop already, the new batteries will be available from mid of May onwards.