Rent a bike in Cyprus!

We traveled to Cyprus to check the penetration of the electric assisted bikes there. To keep it short; we didn’t find any… 

We were at the beach of Ayia Napa, where you can find bike rentals at each corner. You can rent bikes, quads and every kind of motorcycles, but none of them is electric assisted…

For detailed map

You can hire out a bike for 5-10€ per day. Of course you have to bargain; do not miss this step! 😉 And do not forget to check the bikes either, try all gears and check the brakes too. Ask for the emergency mobile number (with prefix) you have to call in case of mechanical breakdown. My rear derailleur got broken and in couple of minutes we got a replacement bike and we were able to continue our tour. The bikes are a little bit run down, but they fit for slow ride on the beach. 😉

That was my first Trek before the change. Don’t despise the ugly basket; this is a practical way to carry your towel! 😉

The weather was a bit cooler than the average in this time of the year, the air was 22 and the sea 20-21 C degree.

We started on the E4 “international” bicycle path, which drove us to the east of the isle to the British radar station. The path is lighten by solar lamps. You should not expect signs to help you with the navigation, sometimes the road disappears in front of the hotel beach and continues after couple of 100 meters. Move on, and you will find nice bays where you can cool down.

Leaving the hotel area you will arrive to wild nature. There you will see nice bays, fig-trees, sandy beaches… 🙂

The bike road  runs along the shore. We don’t recommend to rent a city bike, as the tiles of the path are laid bumpy, so better to have a MTB.

At the end of our road we arrived to the military station.

You can choose the bicycle lane next to the main road on your way back. However there you need to fight with slopes (100-200m heights).

As compensation, you have better view on the beautiful beach!

The distance of this tour is around 25-30 km, which takes about half day including some swimming and photo shooting. Next time we will take ebikes! 😉