Specialized Turbo

Would you imagine before, that the whole bicycle community can become excited about an electric bicycle?

Well, that has been happened. The blogs of cyclelicio.us, bikehugger,  bicycledesign.net, bikeradar.com announced in the same time, that the American manufacturer will jump into the ebike business. The first news came from a blogger living in Norway, who got the chance yesterday to ride the new bike.

So, why is everybody so excited? We have to admit, that this bike with hidden battery is simply nice. We saw similar designs already (Stromer, Winora Hercule and Ghost, Cube, bikes, and of course you have the Smart and its steroided brother Brabus ebike, and the new Opel too).

The bike is speed-pedelec with a top speed of 45 km/h, has a rear hub motor with 250W. The whole package is really good, you have here hidden wires, lights working with the battery power, ANT+ compatible LCD screen (you know, this is the wireless communication method used by your heart rate monitor) , illuminated lights on the control unit, magnetic charger plug, regenerative braking, charging in 2 hours….. It’s almost impossible to list all the features of the 21 kg weight electric bicycle!


Specialized opened a microsite too. Check out it, as they show tons of information about the bike!

And do not miss their promo video:

How do you like it? The only thing I don’t like is the 5500€ price tag… 😉