Changes of the MXUS kits

Information about our refurbishing kits!

We will change our MXUS electric bicycle upgrade sets as described bellow:

We will keep stock from the 26″ and 28″ front wheel drive. You can still order the rear hub motor kit, but we will be able to serve you only in 2-3 weeks from your order.

We sell the kits with two kind of controller method. The basic set is an ebike system with thumb throttle without display. And there is an LCD pedelec system you can program the top speed till 40 km/h.

The biggest change is coming with our new batteries. We will get rid of the “budget” cells and use only batteries with Panasonic cells! This battery weights just 2,3 kg, so you can save around 20% weight and the lifetime is 25% higher as our earlier battery; the manufacturer warrants 500 charging cycle.

As we will not have the frog type and rack types of battery with a small pocket for the controller and wires, we will sell the kits with a small box you can use to hide the controller.


And we have one more news for you, we step to a partnership with the Austrian elfkW. This company has great knowledge building electric bicycles. We are able to serve all kind of unique request of our customers, like the 600W direct drive or the Bluetooth controlling unit. You can order this last one with our kits; with the help of this special unit you can read the relevant data on your mobile phone.

Unfortunately the kit price will be increased, but we will sell the kits optional without battery, so you can still extend it with a budget battery.

We changed the product in our webshop  already.