Ebikes from car manufacturers – Opel

Opel announced a new electric bicycle a month ago, and it was introduced to the public on the International Motor Show in Geneva today.

We showed you earlier some prototype electric bikes of automotive companies (here you have our earlier posts about it: Honda, Audi, VW, Porsche,  Ford, Smart, Brabus)

Opel announced in February his prototype, but it was showed only today, so finally we have some pictures for you!

Instead of the short news from earlier, we received more information:

Opel e-bike “RAD e” offers vision of the future

Opel is presenting a stylish and environmentally-friendly urban design concept at the Geneva Motor show: the RAD e bike. The RAD e is aimed primarily at urban people at a time when e-bikes are predicted to play an increasing role in future integrated urban transport concepts. It follows Opel’s design philosophy “sculptural artistry meets German precision” and incorporates boomerang design cues that also appear in the award-winning Ampera and the RAK e experimental electric vehicle. The RAD e name takes its inspiration from “Rad”- the German word for bicycle and wheel.

It is the first e-bike concept to be designed around automotive manufacturing mass production methods. The RAD e’s pedelec propulsion system is based on a state-of-the art 250 watt electric motor and a lithium-ion battery. At an average speed of 20 kilometers an hour and depending on the electric assist and terrain, the e-bike achieves an electrically supported range of between 60 and 145 kilometers. In a maximum time of two-and-a-half hours, the battery can be fully charged. The e-bike can also be transported on Opel’s unique FlexFix bicycle carrier and be charged while driving.”

We don’t have too much info about the technical details, there is a 250W motor with pedelec drive, a top torque of 40 Nm. The range with one charge is 60-140 km. Instead of having its own display, you can use your smartphone with both Android or iPhone to control the bike. The bike will come to the market in 2013.

We saw a new video this morning about this new electric bicycle:

Thanks for András Dános, the PR manager of the Hungarian Opel to share some hot pictures with us! 🙂


As soon we will have more information, we will update this post. Stay tuned! 😉

Source: rad-ab.com