Knowledge base – Drive trains 9. (BionX)

The next item in our series is the Ferrari of the refurbishing kits! 🙂

This drive train was the best seller in the premium ebike category in the last years. With the introduction of Bosch it received a real competitor.

The drive train of BionX is used by more than 30 bicycle manufacturer. If you want to know the models of 2012, read the post of Elektrobike-online! They have a real good summary of all the bikes equipped with BionX system.

This kit can be purchased as retrofit kit, so you can transform your current bicycle to ebike with it. You will find the rear wheel with the electric engine, the battery, the display and the sensors for the brake lever in the package. The set is for the rear wheel, however we can hear some rumors about a new set with front wheel drive:

Odd-one-out: Diamant Achat Deluxe+

Bionx delivers 250W gear-less motors to the European market, which has 22V-36V, different capacity and shaped Li batteries attached. Of course the system has torque sensor. All kit has regenerative braking capabilities, so you can switch on the LCD the 4 level generator mode to charge back the kinetic energy to the battery. If you brake the system will also use this method, so you don’t need to do regular braking anymore.

You will find two different motors in the kits, the newer called “SL”, and has 25% less weight, then the other one. Both system is able to deliver 40 Nm peak torque.


The human interface can be attached to the handle bar, has an LCD screen. You can read the most important informations and set the 4 support and the 4 regeneration mode. Here is the demo of the display: push the left top button to switch on the unit! 😉

You can check the different versions in the catalog bellow:
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This is a demonstration film; users share their experiences:

There was a big expectation to get the 48V system on the market last year, but BionX produced only couple of hundreds sets, so we didn’t received it in Europe yet. Here you have a lucky unboxing of this limited edition:

And if you want to know, what is inside, check out this video:

The system extends your muscle power on a really harmonized way, so to ride the BionX systems is a real fun! The range with one charge can be over 100 km!