What a trip – 18000 km around Australia

I’m overawed by people with special capabilities. They are not different than we are, only their willpower and desperate desire for the challenges are stronger then ours…

Maximilian Semsch is not an everyday person. He made the decision at age of 24, that he don’t want to have an “ordinary” life. To have a little time to think about how to do that, he jumped on his bike and traveled from Munich to Singapur. 13500 km in 211 days… He made a video dairy of his experiences, which became a movie, and with that he got a lot of awards! It seems that he found his way. 😉

His new challenge is also not moderate; he will ride around Australia another 18000 km with an ebike. And why on electric bicycle? “I find the E-Bike technology very interesting and want to find out whether or not it is possible to cover a distance of 18.000 km with this new kind of bicycle. This journey will be the longest ever made with an E-Bike. ” – he said.

Maximilian will travel with a Bosch-engined Haibike eQ Trekking, just the same you can see in our webshop, but the chain shifter has been replaced by a NuVinchi 360 gear-less hub shifter. Based on his planing, the battery will be charged by solar panels too.

He will publish every Friday a new chapter of his video dairy on his webpage. Follow him on facebook too, as this guy deserves our attention!

Maximilian, good luck and bon voyage! 🙂