Knowledge Base – Drive trains 8 (Ion)

The Ion system has been developed by the Dutch Accell Group. This holding has more bicycle manufacturers like Haibike, Winora, Hercules, Koga or Ghost.

We can find this drive train in the bikes of  Hercules or Ghost. This is a good choice to build MTB-s as it has hugh 40Nm torque and the motor is built into the rear hub.

The quite, 250W hub motor is served by the 36V/10Ah Li-Ion battery, which is hidden in the frame. If you are not an expert you can’t really see, that this bike has an additional drive.

Ghost E-Hybride Trail

Hercules Sport Pro

The system is the normal pedelec, which data can be seen on the LCD screen in the middle of the handle bar. There are data on it, like the 3 level support, the battery status, the speed and distance and the sign of the lamps. Yes, it’s not typo; the lights are completely  integrated and feeded by the battery. If that would be empty, you can turn on the generator mode of the motor, which would give enough power to operate the lamps.

To make a perfect readability of the display it was set into the middle of the handle bar, and with that this is hard to reach. That’s why the developers created a small handling unit near to the grip, as you can see here:

Handling unit detached; perfectly ergonomic! 

The recuperation is also working, although it’s not automatic. If you go downhill, you have to push the button and the motor starts charging the battery. Another great feature the capability of unique programming of the support power, so you can customize the bike on the individually needs.

The manufacturer gives 2+3 years warranty for bikes in Germany irrespective of driven distance or the number of battery-charges. That shows that they are really trusting the reliability of this drive train.

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Here you have a short video of Hercules in German language: