Ducati ebikes with style

The Ducati brand is known by all motorbike fanatics. But did you know, that there are Ducati ebikes too?

The Italian Italwin got the licence to use this name, and they produce three very nice bicycles with that logo.

I’m especially like this introduction text from they webpage: “The electric bike does not replace the traditional bicycles, is instead a brilliant alternative -for the short and medium range- to motor vehicles and public transportation, allowing quick transfers with no time or route constraints, no pollution, no effort, using bicycle lanes, accessing areas with traffic restrictions, no insurance costs, no compulsory helmet, at a very low cost per kilometer.” 🙂

The electric system of the bicycles has 250W pedelec motor with optical speed or optional torque sensor, and equipped with 36V 9Ah Li-Ion battery. We don’t like this bicycles for the technical specification only, the clean design and Ducati colors makes us a fan of them. There are 3 model with different frame shapes, colors and shifters. Just taste those names: Ducati City King, City Queen, City Pearl uomo, City Pearl donna és Cucciolo… This is great, isn’t it? 😉 (Click on the pictures to open the gallery!)










I suggest you to watch this video to see the “ancestor” and the Cucciolo too… 😉

How do you like it? Choose: this or the 1199? 😉