Knowledge base – Drive trains 6. (EPB)

We saw a very interesting solution on a page of a Greek ebike shop!

Maybe you can’t see that on the picture, but this is a classic friction-gearing engine, we saw in the mid of the last century from Solex. 🙂

The kit is lightweight, together with the battery it weights only 2,5 kg! The control of the power of the 1000W engine is done with two button on the handlebar, the push of the first will increase the speed till 25, the second till 40 km/h. So this is an ebike, not a pedelec. The major benefit I see is the complete resistance-free riding if we don’t use the electric power.

The battery has Li cells, the size is 24V 5Ah. You can purchase the kit from February 2012 for 790 Eur in the webshop of EPB.