Knowledge base: Drive trains 5. (E+ electric bikes)

What is this two huge disk on that drive? Did somebody invent the all-wheel-drive for bicycles? 😉

No, this is not the case. The US-based E+ electric bikes goes its own way; the electric motor is in the rear, the battery in the front wheel. The weight distribution is perfect! – says the producer.

But let’s review the technical parameters; the engine can be 750 or 1000W, which is unfortunately too much for Europe, so you are not allowed to ride the bike without homologisation and driving licence. The power of the engine is amazing; 85Nm is the maximum torque. The battery is 36V with 10Ah NiMh cells, which you can change at the end of the lifetime only; so you will not charge the battery in your flat… 😉  You can choose from 9 assist and 9 fitness level on the display. If you move the LCD from the bike, the engine will be locked in the highest resistance mode, so this method could be used to prevent tampering. Of course that works only, of your thief is highly educated about your bike…. 😉

The top speed depends on the motor used; that can be 32 or 48 km/h without peadaling! The range of the ebike on longer tours is between 40-50 km.

This company offers refurbishing kits too; the price of the 750W drive is 2000 USD, the bigger version of 1000W costs 2300 USD.






E+ sells complete bicycles in the price range of 2-5000 USD too. They have an unique foldable MTB too.  (Click on the picture to open the gallery!)










Check out the videos to see the bikes in motion!

I personally don’t like the highlight of the battery and the engine with black, but I still would like to try the bikes of E+! 😉