The greener way to get there…

We saw a very interesting infographic on the page of One Block Off the Grid.  They asked the question: what is the eco-friendly way to move from point A to B?

Well, based on the chart on the long trips (~4000 km) the bus is the winner, because it will pollute the air with 200 kg CO2 per person “only”. It will not loose the advantage on mid-range (~560 km), but 27 kg of hazardous gas will leave the exhaust. In city environment (~32 km) the bicycle is the best option; but what is the first motorized vehicle? Yes, you can guess: it is the bus! 😉

I found it also interesting, that the electric cars are behind, even they pollute 80% less CO2 as the normal cars. The reason behind that, that those are mainly charged on a coal-fired grid. The hybrid cars (both internal combustion engine and electro-motor) are somewhere in the middle between the electric and normal cars.

Of course I feel the responsibility to extend the graph with the electric assisted bicycles… 😉 You can see that with orange on the picture. Those bikes emit 10g/km CO2 (together with the producing, charging and recycling processes) in the whole lifetime of the bicycle. For 32 km this is around 1 pound! So the winner of the most green motorized vehicles in the city is the ebike! 😉

I wish you good browsing and smart choice! 😉