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Ebike tour in Nepal 0

Australian bikers went to the Himalaya to test their ebikes… Spectacular scenery, lots of bumps, climbs, bridges and water …. 😉




Grace One video review from Engadget! 0

Endgadget made a review with the ebike called “Grace One”. They looked for the answer, if the 10.000 USD ebike (1300W, 40 km/h without pedaling!) worth for that money? Well, you can find it out, if you watch the video! 😉

Here you have the homepage of Grace!



The greener way to get there… 0

We saw a very interesting infographic on the page of One Block Off the Grid.  They asked the question: what is the eco-friendly way to move from point A to B?

Well, based on the chart on the long trips (~4000 km) the bus is the winner, because it will pollute the air with 200 kg CO2 per person “only”. It will not loose the advantage on mid-range (~560 km), but 27 kg of hazardous gas will leave the exhaust. In city environment (~32 km) the bicycle is the best option; but what is the first motorized vehicle? Yes, you can guess: it is the bus! 😉

I found it also interesting, that the electric cars are behind, even they pollute 80% less CO2 as the normal cars. The reason behind that, that those are mainly charged on a coal-fired grid. The hybrid cars (both internal combustion engine and electro-motor) are somewhere in the middle between the electric and normal cars.

Of course I feel the responsibility to extend the graph with the electric assisted bicycles… 😉 You can see that with orange on the picture. Those bikes emit 10g/km CO2 (together with the producing, charging and recycling processes) in the whole lifetime of the bicycle. For 32 km this is around 1 pound! So the winner of the most green motorized vehicles in the city is the ebike! 😉

I wish you good browsing and smart choice! 😉




Ebikes from car manufacturers – VW ebik.e 0

No pedal, fits to the space of your spare wheel in your car, but the name is still ebike… What could that be? 😉

In our earlier posts we showed to you, how the car manufacturers imagine the future of the bicycles. (Here you have them: Smart, Ford, Porsche.)

We can not miss VW from the series, as they announced they prototype called ebik.e (no typo, that was really the name!) mid of 2010. They understood the task a little bit differently than the others… 😉

The bike is an ebike without pedal, and normally it is folded in the trunk of your car charging from your cars electric network. Once you want to use it, you take it out, and the small bike will serve you with a range of 20 km with a top speed of 20 km/h.

Check out the video to see, how it’s working! 😉


Unfortunately we didn’t hear about this since one year, so most probably that will not go into serial production… 🙁


Ebike tour through India 0

This couple cycled 1600 km in India. Forget the guidebook, watch the video! 😉





Knowledge base – Drive trains 3. (Falco e-Motors) 0

Let us show you an electric support drive, which is almost completely cable free!


Ebikes from car manufacturers – Porsche 0

There is a new trend nowadays; the car producers want to show that they think eco-friendly; and they are able to produce green vehicles – even with two wheels.

We saw earlier the try of Smart and Ford. Here we show you, that others are also in the competition!

Lets start with the Porsche Hybrid RS. This prototype was built two years ago. They took an MTB with carbon frame and equipped with a pedelec drive. The weight of the bike was 18 kg, which is not bad in case of an electric assisted bicycle, but this is far heavier as a normal MTB. The engine is 250W built into the rear wheel. The controller is an iPhone, which is sitting in the mount on the handlebar, and has a wireless connection to the engine. You can adjust the support level and monitor the status of your battery via that phone.










The 25V battery is built with LiMn cells, the capacity was 161 Wh, which is not the best nowadays, but two years ago that was really significant!

The drive of the machine was really aggressive; the test drivers claimed, that the bike accelerated better as a Porsche 911… 🙂 But to handle this power was really tough; maybe that’s why the bike never went into serial production.

We are looking for the next try dear Porsche! 😉


Another Smart promo video 0

The final, commercial version of Smart is ready. Here you have a new video, which explains more details about the new ebike you could also purchase in 2012.

Storck Voltist – managed by your mobile phone! 0

Again a prototype… Single speed, monitored by your mobile, hidden battery… And beautiful design! 😉


Fast battery chargers – juice up your car in just 1 minute! 0

It seems, that we are in the middle of the battery revolution. In just couple of minutes we will be able to charge the battery of our electric cars in the near future. Can you imagine, what can be the consequence of those researches to our ebike world? 😉