Short tour at lake Velencei, Hungary

We were at the “rolling stones” of Hungary… 😉

We have our last beautifull sommer days in Hungary, so we went to the near lake called Velencei and made a short tour there!

We followed the red line - and we lost the satellites in the valley... 😉

So we took our ebikes, and started our tour near to the lake. We gained 120 meter altitude in the first couple of hundred meters and we enjoyed a very nice view from the top of the hills. We did our best, and forced ourselves with the pedaling but to tell the truth the support of the electro-motors on the bike made the trip very comfortable!

The rocks you can find here have very weird shape (you can see on the first picture) due to the erosion of wind and water.











After that we hit the (dirt) road 😉 to west. Sometimes we found some nice slope to take:






Before we took the road back to the starting point we had a short rest at the lake Bella. No, this is not about Kristen Stewart, the lake was named after the King Bela, who had an accident with his horse just at this lake. 😉

From here we could follow the bicycle road and we were back to the starting point in just couple of minutes.

Thanks for the nice weather, dear Autumn! 😉