Smart – is it really smart?

We saw news in the past weeks, that smart wants to get a nice segment from the 700.000 pieces big cake; that is the number of ebike sold in Europe last year. Will the innovative design expand the market of ebikes further?

The concept of 2010

So we heard about the bike again in their recently announced news; smart will start selling the bikes in early 2012. For those, who didn’t watch the video trailer earlier, we attach it:

And what can you get for the 3000 EUR you spent? Almost everything which a tech freak wants to get: the bike will be produced by the German producer Grace which we know from their bike Grace One or Grace Pro. The driving system is coming from BionX, most probably they set of PL 250HT SL XL, and the bike will get a LiIon 400Wh battery, which can support you more than 100 km with one charging! The ebike meets the pedelec-norms, so you can use it without legislation and without driving licence. You will get an USB socket, which will not only charge your mobile, but will transfer real-time data to your screen about the engine status and you can change the assistant level via your mobile too.

That is really a nice package, however we have some doubts about the driving distance. The 400Wh battery package and the regenerative braking can support you for 70-80km in the tour based on our calculations. However we are curious to see which engineering developments will be used in the serial product to be able to meet the 100 km/charge.

The new ebike will be introduced on the EUROBIKE 2011, so we are really waiting to test and see, how the this will functioning.

That is, how the serial version will look like?


Update after the EUROBIKE 2011:
That’s how the final version look like: