Clean Mobile – fast as the Hurricane!

150 Nm torque and two wheels…. No, this is not about the supersport motorbike Honda CBR600 RR, because the Honda has only 66 Nm, and its weight is 10 times so high… Let us introduce you the superbikes of ebikes!

Clean Mobile engine – the devil is inside

The German Clean Mobile established in 2006 is THE specialist for high speed ebikes; their engine is used by several bike manufacturer. The system they build has great technical specification: 150 Nm torque, 1200 W engine and 48 V LiIon battery, top speed of 80 km/h… Every motorbike manufacturer would be proud on those; but think about to combine this engine with a low weigh carbon bicycle – the result shoul be really great! The dynamic of the beast can be seen on the next video:

KTM was the first to use this system in their egnition. The bike was designed for downhill, had linkage with 180mm travel, and the weight of 33 kg was mobilized with a battery of 425 Wh. The price of this funbike is around 9000 Euro.

KTM egnition; designed for downhill

The next manufacturer of clean mobile is 3 element, they named they ebike to  eSpire. The engine is the same, but the battery is 820 Wh; the top speed is 45 km/h. They didn’t save on the accessories, they built the famous 14 speed gearhub of Rohloff into the machine. The 36 kg bike is ideal for the jungle of the cities – they mean.

3element eSpire: the warrior of the cities

Here you have a short animation of the bike:

Our next bike is from PG-Bikes named Dark Basic, which has the same technical parameters as the eSpire. We can purchase this bike with different top speed limitation; which can be a pedelec with 25 km/h, or ebike with 25 or 45 km/h.

Dark Basic; more version available

And we have our new champion too, the Corratec eBow, which could be ordered from this month onwards. The top speed is 80 km/h, and based on the information of Corratec you can speed up the hills with 35 km/h – even without pedaling. If you are interrested to purchase this beauty, please hurry up, as the manufacturer will produce only 55 pieces of the 10000 Euro value carbon bike. 😉

Corratec E-Bow; only 55 pieces! Hurrrrrry!!!

I really don’t know, if those bikes have a deserved part in the ebike world, but one thing is sure, if you want to have real fun, then those ebikes will help you to have a smile from ear to ear… 🙂

What do you think?